3 Things Thursday {Week 7}


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Paper Boat Drinks

While shopping for spices & such while in Bombay, I spotted traditional Indian summer drinks in cute little packages. Seeing the variety of flavors we picked up a few to try at home. Oh my delicious. The first flavor we tried, ‘golguppe ka pani’ left us wishing we had picked up more! It tasted just like the real thing. Best part: no preservatives, no added color, or artificial flavors. I really hope Paper Boat Drinks sail over to the USA soon!

image (1)


hot, hot, HOT. We left London early this week and are now in Bombay. While I’m excited about visiting family, I’m not excited about breaking a sweat even before we get in the car. It’s been in the high 90’s F, sticky & hot. Surprisingly, Little Mirchi did wonderful on the flight over and is doing quite well despite the humidity.image (2)


Mango fever.

It’s mango season here in India and we are in mango heaven! Markets & restaurants are selling everything from fresh mangos to mango sundaes, mango shakes, mango juice, mango candies, mango desserts + more. We’ve been indulging in the best (in my opinion at least!) fruit during it’s perfectly ripe time. I suppose they compensate for the ridiculously hot weather.

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  1. The drinks sound great! And I’ve envious of your mango fever! Mango’s are still really expensive here. Happy Thursday 🙂

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