3 Things Thursday {Week 8}


Changing up my 3 things this week to share three pictures from Little Mirchi’s birthday that pretty much summarize my first year of being a mother. I’ll be sharing more pictures from her birthday party tomorrow so stay tuned!

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Traditional birthday picture


I think every Mom has the look back picture from one of their kids birthday parties. This girl is the best hip accessory I could have ever wished for. I haven’t just given birth to her, but she’s given birth to a new me. I still can’t believe that one year flew by so quickly and the round little rolly polly we took home has grown into our naughty smiled, always laughing, brand new toddler. < Toddler – wow [gulp] yeah no, still baby please.


Don’t stress the small things


This picture perfectly describes everything about my first year of motherhood. Mom’s make mistakes – and that’s OK! This past year has taught me so much, but one of the most important lessons I learned was not to worry about small hiccups along the way. Us moms have so much going on and we need to cut ourselves some slack when things don’t go perfectly as planned. From sending the wrong date on her invites, to misspelling the venue’s name, to FORGETTING her ‘1’ candle the day of the party – I really made some boo-boo’s when it came to Little Mirchi’s first birthday party. Looking at the big picture that stuff really didn’t matter, what mattered was her and that our closest friends and family were there to celebrate her big day.


Nani {Maternal grandmother in HIndi}

L51A8759 (1)Pictured is our little one discovering a handmade paper boat in her Nani’s hand. My mom flew in a few days before Little Mirchi’s birthday party to help me pack for our trip and tie up any loose ends with party planning. She handmade dozens of paper boats to go with the sailing theme and as always made sure I was prepared and calm for the next day. Mom’s are just like that – they stick by our side from day one making sure everything goes smoothly. Thank you Mom, because of you, I am a better Mom.

Looking forward to linking up and reading your 3 things Thursday.

2 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday {Week 8}

  1. First of all the sailor outfit is too freakin cute, second of all Happy Birthday to her, and third of all – moms – ALL moms rock 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed your pictures and reflection of little mirth’s first year. It made me start thinking about about my little ones; first years and it sure passes fast. And YES, all mom’s need to cut themselves some slack!

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