Three Things Thursday {Week 6}


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Sharing my 3 Things Thursday on Friday this week – gives you a guess of how hectic it’s been!


Frequent flyer

We did it! Little Mirchi’s first international flight was a success. We had some minor ear popping initially but after that passed my little sweets slept the entire journey through. Sigh… so proud.


Public Speaking

My darling cousin who is getting married asked me to make a speech.  I’m so very honored and so very scared. Writing in a public forum is one thing but public speaking is a whole other animal. It’s always intimidated me a bit and I hope I don’t eat my words. Wish me luck!

love laugh mirch



I can’t express how blessed I feel that my daughter is getting the chance to spend time with my Dadima (paternal grandmother). The same house my mom brought me to after I was born, I’m getting the opportunity to bring Little Mirchi there too. It’s an indescribable feeling that I’m relishing.

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