2012: A Year Full of Thanks

“There is always something to be grateful for.” -Unknown 
Happy Lohri! Lohri is the North Indian festival that marks the winter harvest season. Celebrations include dressing up in traditional Indian attire, singing folk songs around a bonfire and eating traditional seasonal food. It’s a time to get together with family, celebrate new beginnings, and look forward to a blessed and fruitful year ahead. 
As I sip on my Sunday chai reflecting over the past year, I recognize that 2012 gave me so much to be thankful for and 2013 will bless me even more. I meant to write this post around NYE but hey things happen and it’s never too late to be thankful, right? 🙂
The below are just a few of my favorite moments/events in 2012 that I’m thankful for. And although we had many hurdles and delays with the construction of the house, I know that everything happens for a reason and we will just have to continue to be patient with the construction. 
  • Being able to spend time with family: In February 2012 my mom and I traveled to India to visit my Nanima (maternal grandmother) for an entire month. It was one of the best trips and I will cherish those memories forever. After several years I got the chance to have quality time with my mom & Nanima for an extended period of time. We shopped like crazy, learned new recipes, explored new places, and soaked in all the love & time we had together.


3 generations: Nanima, Mom, Me
3 generations: Nanima, Mom, Me
  • Meeting new writers and connecting via Social Media: Spring 2012 I connected with the editor of Masala Mommas: an online magazine for moms/moms to be with a South Asian connection. Through this and social media I connected with some incredible fellow writers and food lovers. In May 2012 we finally met face to face in NYC! It was like a group blind date trip for us all. I was pleasantly surprised and thankful to meet such inspirational and friendly women. Since then I have become the NYC Correspondent for Masala Mommas Magazine & built everlasting friendships. 



  • Cooking for a cause: Following Hurricane Sandy there was great devastation in the tri-state area and a need to rebuild. I was honored to be invited to Brooklyn Brewery’s Food Experiments: Jersey Relief  Experiment. 100% of the ticket proceeds from the cooking competition and auction went towards the Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund. As a bonus I won 3rd place in my first ever cooking competition! It was a wonderful experience and to place was just the cherry on top.


  • New beginnings: “In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.” -Albert Schweitzer This perfectly describes the biggest news of 2012. In August after months of feeling defeated with the houses progress, permit denial and delays we found out that we were expecting! This news just seemed to stem a new energy, a new happiness and a stronger motivation to keep positive and remember the end goal. I am beyond excited and grateful to announce that we are expecting a baby girl in April 2013, my little mirchi. 
With all these life changes I wanted to take the time to thank all of you who read and follow the blog. I’m honored to have connected with so many wonderful bloggers/writers in the past two years. I plan to continue to write after motherhood as well, time permitting of course 🙂 all while sharing this new journey of my life.

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