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“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” – Mother Teresa

I’m quite sure the past few months have had people thinking, were the Mayan’s on to something? Is the world really ending? I’m not sure about the world ending but I do know that humanity is at a standstill. With this past years shootings, massacres, violent gang rapes, it certainly makes you wonder what’s in store for our future. We as a human race need to collaborate and take a stand against these horrific incidents, a stand to save humanity and our future, our children’s future.

Image via Google Images
Image via Google Images

Explaining these horrific incidents to one another is hard enough but how do you explain such brutality to a child? How do prepare them for the whispers and news broadcasts? As a future parent, these are all thoughts that ran through my head as I watched the tragedy at Newtown, CT unfold.

A few days later my sister-in-law, a mother of a nine-year old and three-year old sent me this webinar from Bright Horizons that is helping parents talk to their young ones about the recent events. As much as we would like to shelter them from these talks, sometimes it becomes unavoidable. I hope you find this helpful in lieu of what’s been blasted all over televisions and newspapers.

My heart & prayers go out to the victims and victims families who can no longer go see a movie without fear, those whom no longer feel safe in their house of worship, the little ones who will no longer be there when the school bell rings, and the females who don’t feel safe stepping out of their own house.

My wish for the New Year is for a safer more progressive thinking human race & society. Wishing you & yours a safe and blessed holiday season.

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