The Battle of the Strollers

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For those of you in the Northeast you know the past few days have meant one thing: hibernation. It’s been bone chilling cold with temperatures dropping in the negatives. After a few days of avoiding going out I started to get cabin fever & convinced Hubby Darling to go baby registry shopping… little did I know what I would be getting myself into!
Over the last few weeks I’ve been making my list of baby needs & wants and checking it twice. Hubby Darling insisted from the beginning that since I would be the one using most of the items the majority of the time, I should choose what I like. That was until he saw the Jedi of all strollers, the 4Moms Origami. Haven’t heard of it? Neither had I! 4Moms is a fairly new company out of Pittsburgh, PA who currently offer a line of four products. Big box stores just recently started carrying their items in stores, and let me tell you they are hard to miss.
Upon entering baby store galore HD stopped in front of the 4Moms display in awe wanting to take the stroller for a “test drive”. After seeing its initial feature (opening the stroller), you could say it was love at first push. See what I mean with the video below:
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So here’s my dilemma, as a first time mom who lives in the city I’m looking for the following in a stroller for my little one:
  • Handles well on uneven roads & pavements: Rubber tires wear easily and don’t handle as well on rough terrain. Seeing as most of the sidewalks around us are uneven we need a stroller that has good suspension & foam filled tires.
  • Compact: Urban living is much different then having a garage, basement, extra storage aka suburban living. Every square inch counts and we need a stroller that fits in small spaces.
  • Multi functional: Due to space, I don’t want to have to get a car seat carrier AND a travel system. I want one item to do several different jobs, infant-toddler.
Prior to this weekend I knew exactly what stroller I wanted and wasn’t expecting on questioning my decision when we went to finish up our registry. I’ve had my heart set on the Britax B-Ready since the moment I started researching strollers. With its fourteen different configurations, variety of colors, and ability to become a full two seat stroller, it didn’t take me long to become a fan of the long time trusted company’s most Urban friendly stroller.
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Now however, I have two players in the running – both which fill the criteria above. The Britax B-Ready vs. The 4Moms Origami.
Britax B-Ready:
via BritaxUSA
via BritaxUSA


About the company: Britax has been a trusted leader in mobile safety for over 70 years. With their focus being their rigorously tested car seats, they also design full size, compact, and modular strollers.
B-Ready Pros:
  • Fourteen different configurations which allows you to change-up the positions of how you place the seat and can accommodate a second seat, bassinet, and infant car seat.
  • Lots of storage space. This stroller could easily accommodate my diaper bag, toys, & more! Us women love space (just take a look at the size of our purses ;))
  • Additional rain cover & UV mosquito net available so it can be used in all types of weather. This is great for snow days or spring rains.
B-Ready Cons:
  • Not the easiest to fold. We tested this stroller several times in the store and it takes a good few tries to get it closed. Even the store associate was struggling to close it.
  • Flimsy cup holder. The one cup holder that’s provided is very flimsy and based on several reviews a shaky waste of space. An additional accessory pack can be purchased however to add to the stroller.
B-Ready Perks: The B-Ready grows with your growing family with the ability to add a second seat (for an additional price.)
B-Ready MSRP: $499.99
4Moms Origami:
via 4Moms
via 4Moms
About the company: 4Moms is a relatively new company who is dedicated to finding innovative solutions to help make parenting tasks easier and more enjoyable. A group of real moms give insights about parenting needs and suggestions to make their products better.
Origami Pros:
  • Power folding. Screaming, crying child? No problem, while I attend to my little one the stroller will open and/or close with just a push of a button.
  • Pathway/Running lights. Going for a walk in the evening just became easier with this strollers “headlights” guiding the way.
  • Luggage style pull wheels. While moving the folded stroller you don’t have to lift it, just drag it on its additional wheels like your luggage.
Origami Cons:
  • Not enough storage! I couldn’t figure out where I would put my diaper bag. 4Moms discourages hanging it on the handle bar so there goes that option.
  • Only one configuration. While the infant car seat would face me, the toddler seat only faces one way – outward. This is a huge setback in my opinion, parents should have the option to face the seat towards them or outwards.
  • No rain cover. As the stroller is fairly new on the market the accessories that are available are limited.
Origami Perks: The Origami is the next generation of strollers. With a LCD dashboard, USB charging kit (available for an additional price), and built-in generator, this stroller delivers in this technology driven age.
Origami MSRP: $849.99
Hellllppp!!?? My Little Mirchi (chili pepper =)) will be here sooner than we know it and I’m stuck on what to get. What do you think? What helped you make your stroller decision?

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