Toka Box | May Box

A Mother’s Day themed box for May.

Toka Box | May Box

We got our May Toka Box in and are sharing a peek of what’s inside! Toka Box is a monthly subscription box that has a theme every month. Some months the themes are religious and culturally based, others revolve around activities and social conversations. This month we received the book, Where is Amma and an adorable trinket box craft. The trinket box comes plain and the box includes paint, glitter glue and heart gems to decorate it. It’s suppose to be a gift for mom, however as soon as Little Mirchi opened the box I knew that wasn’t happening! Little Mirchi is in love with everything sparkly and fairy like, so when she saw the instructions to make a sparkly pink craft, she was convinced the Toka elephant sent it especially for her! It’s so fun to see her excitement each month as we get our boxes. Whenever the mailman arrives with her Toka Box she exclaims with happiness “for me?!”
Toka Box | May BoxToka Box | May Box
This month the Toka Junior Kit includes:
Book Pick: Where Is Amma
Activity:  Trinket holder
A recipe idea for your child’s lunch box (available in May when the boxes are shipped out)
Everything for the activity is included: The instructions, double sided tape, heart gems, pink paint, glitter glues, trinket box and paintbrush.

Toka Box | May BoxToka Box | May Box
The craft is self contained which means less mess to clean up, parenting win! Little ones can paint the trinket box inside the Toka Box itself and it’s a easy cleanup once everything is made. In the past, Little Mirchi has done the crafts with my mom or my husband. This time however, I thought she could manage the craft by herself. I set everything up for her and she was excited to get started. After painting her trinket box she waited until the next day to affix her “sparkly hearts”. Once completed my husband gave her a hint that the box was really for Mumma, you should have seen the look she gave him!

Toka Box | May Box
Toka Box, is a monthly subscription box that’s filled with hand picked children’s books, arts or crafts and a kid friendly recipe that makes learning fun. Each Toka Box subtly builds life skills from patience to problem-solving and incorporates academic themes such as reading, math, history, science and the arts. The boxes come tailored for two different age groups. The “Toka Junior” is for ages 3-5 and “Toka Explorer” for ages 5-8.  I’m an ambassador for the Junior box as it’s age appropriate for Little Mirchi.Toka Box | May Box
To learn more about Toka Box visit their website. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram too! They will be shipping out soon, so hurry and place your order for their May Box!

While I was compensated to write about Toka Box, all opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Love Laugh Mirch. 

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