Birthday Photo Wall

Last week was Little Mirchi’s birthday and I created a Birthday photo wall to capture her special moments throughout the year.

Birthday Photo Wall
As much as I love the convenience that digital cameras and iPhones have brought into our lives, I miss the tradition of developing photographs. One of my favorite things to do when I visit my Dadima is go through photo albums, the vintage prints, memories captures all sorted chronologically in a book, it’s a feeling that just can’t be compared to looking at your phone. Similarly, Little Mirchi eagerly looks through albums of my brother and I when she visits my parents home. Last year on her birthday I wanted her enjoy the same feeling with her own pictures so I decided to make her a birthday picture wall. Originally, I thought of doing a big square capturing her third year but later decided to place the photographs in the shape of a giant number three. She absolutely loved waking up to a wall full of memories from the past year.

Since she enjoyed it so much last year, I wanted to do it this year as well, creating a birthday tradition of sorts.

Birthday Photo Wall
Picking photos is the hardest part! I curate a bunch of pictures starting from her past birthday and rounding off days before her current birthday. I include our travel memories, special moments with friends and all the family she’s met throughout the year. We have a glass wall on one side of our staircase so that works well as the feature wall. Last year the number three took some time, especially getting the curve right. This year the four was much more simple and straightforward. The number measures 3.5 ft x 5.5 ft and is affixed using regular scotch tape.

This is one of my favorite things to do for Little Mirchi’s birthday! What are some Birthday traditions you’ve created for your family?

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