Our Rotimatic Review

Sharing a full and honest review about the Rotimatic, the robot making roti machine.

Our Rotimatic Review
One of the things that I make most often is roti (phulka), whole wheat flatbread, a staple in most Indian households across the country. We eat them with dal, curries and a variety of sabzis. We are roti eaters and if given a choice, prefer roti over rice. Preparing round soft rotis took quite a bit of time and practice on my part, something I only got the hang of making years after being in the kitchen.

Our Rotimatic Review

I first saw an ad for the Rotimatic several years ago and I remember being awestruck by the technology. Fresh hot rotis with the touch of a button, sounded like something every kitchen needed. So when Rotimatic reached out to me a little over a month ago requesting to a partnership, I told them I’d love to try it out and give an honest review of the machine to my readers. I hope this post helps you to decide whether this machine is a good fit for you and your family.

I’ve broken down the review into parts for ease of reading and understanding. If you have additional questions feel free to leave me a me comment below and I’ll answer it to the best of my ability.

Our Rotimatic Review
Here are some of the things I’ll be touching on:

  • How the Rotimatic works
  • How do the rotis taste
  • What are the pros and cons of this appliance
  • Who should get the Rotimatic
  • Maintenance, Returns & Warranty
  • Is it worth the cost & how to get a discount (the biggest discount they have ever offered)Our Rotimatic Review

How the Rotimatic works:
Fill the flour container, oil container, water container. Select the brand of flour you are using, the thickness of roti you prefer, the roast level and your oil preference along with how many rotis you want. Once you select those, your job is done. It takes 6-7 minutes to warm up and then every 90 seconds, one perfectly round, cooked, roti comes out.

Our Rotimatic Review
How do the Rotis Taste:
Once you’ve customized your settings to your taste the rotis taste good, they are soft, perfectly round and each one puffs up. They are not however, an exact replica of homemade phulkas. Taste wise I’d say it’s a hybrid between a roti and a tortilla. The difference falls in the amount of kneading that occurs handmade vs via the machine and the char the rotis get from the hot plates vs an open flame.

Our Rotimatic Review
What are the pros and cons of this appliance:


  • Convenience is the biggest pro, as you’re cooking dinner you can have fresh hot rotis with the touch of a button.
  • Clean ingredients, you know what’s going in your rotis unlike store bought ones.
  • It can also make pooris and pizza dough. I tried the poori functionality this Navratri and it was such a time saver. Bonus: every poori puffed perfectly.
  • Easy cleanup, you can put all the parts in warm soapy water and they will be clean or pop them in the dishwasher.


  • Size: The machine itself is 15×15 and around 45lbs. For a city kitchen that is a huge space you have to make room for and because of its weight, it’s not something that I’d suggest moving around frequently.
  • Noise: As the machine starts up and makes the rotis there is quite a bit of noise. It’s similar to a commercial printing machine.

Our Rotimatic Review

Who should get the Rotimatic:
People who want to eat homemade rotis often but don’t have the time or interest to make them would love having the convenience of this appliance at home. I would not suggest it for the home cook who is already an expert in rotis and phulkas. This is also a great machine for people that don’t have gluten restrictions. The gluten free variations still need to be worked on, so for now I would suggest if you eat whole wheat rotis, this machine will work for you.

Our Rotimatic Review
Maintenance, Returns & Warranty:
Rotimatic does not charge for updates/upgrades. The new features automatically load onto your appliance when you connect it to wi-fi. Every Rotimatic comes with one year of complete hardware and software. You can extend this warranty with RotimaticCare+ for up to 2 more years. The Rotimatic is designed to last for 5 years. However, like any other device, the wear and tear depends on usage.

Our Rotimatic Review
Is it worth the money?
It is a costly appliance ($999) but if you eat rotis frequently and appreciate the help then it will pay for itself over time. Rotimatic is offering a discount of 15% as a special diwali deal! Use the promo code DIWALI at checkout to avail of this offer. This is the biggest discount they’ve ever offered and is available for a limited time period.

I hope this review helped you understand more about the Rotimatic and all that it can do. While this post was sponsored by Rotimatic, all opinions expressed are my own.

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