Little Mirchi’s First Holi

Happy Holi!

Celebrating Baby's First Holi

Sharing how we celebrated our Little Mirchi’s first Holi at home! I’m just going to warn you now… picture heavy post ahead! I have so many pictures from our at home “Holi Painting Party” but I spared you the loading time and only posted my favorites.

Celebrating Baby's first holi

Celebrating Baby's first Holi

Making homemade edible finger paints and having Little Mirchi play with them to celebrate her first Holi turned out better than expected. If Motherhood teaches you one thing, it’s to be ready for the unexpected. I was pretty sure that she might roll around in the paint, try and crawl off the “canvas” I made for her or worse, hate the painting period. But none of that happened, in fact once Hubby Darling joined her, she loved touching and feeling the paints.

Celebrating Baby's frist Holi

Celebrating Baby's first Holi

Celebrating Baby's First HoliI’m pretty sure we are going to make this a tradition going forward; it was all the fun and color of Holi but none of the mess! All of the paints washed off our clothes and skin easily, with no staining.

Celebrating Baby's first Holi

Celebrating Baby's First HoliCelebrating Baby's first HoliWishing you and yours a colorful & festive Holi!

Celebrating Baby's First Holi

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  1. This is awesome stuff. Considering how absolutely adorable Little Mirchi looks, in my head am thinking of how Little Rasgula suits her just as well too 🙂

    I cannot seem to find the link to the diy homemade paint post… Can you pls share that?

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