3 Things Thursday {Week 1}


Life is full of little things that we love. It could be that new flavor of tea that you tried the other day, the amazing lip gloss that you found, a song that you can’t stop singing or a new recipe you tried that everyone loved.

So often I want to share all these little tid bits of life with my readers, but I’m not sure how. An entire blog post isn’t warranted, but I don’t want you to miss out either! That’s where 3 Things Thursday comes in. Each week me, Raj from Pink Chai Living, and Salma from The Write Balance will be sharing 3 things with our readers and giving you a chance to share as well.

Here’s week one!

[ o n e ]

Pucker Up

Recently Influenster sent me Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in ‘As you want Victoria-360’ to try out. Usually I apply lipsticks for special events/the night scene and stick to lip butters or tinted balms during the day. I hate the way most lipsticks dry out my lips and I have to keep reapplying – too much for this busy Mamma! I was pleasantly surprised with how the lipstick lived up to the name, I applied it in the morning (was out most of the day) and my lips stayed soft and the color vibrant. The color ‘As you want Victoria’ was a bit too bright for my skin and I had to blot my lips to tone down the brightness. Rimmel’s Moisture Renew lipstick is available in 24 different shades so I’m sure there is a shade in their collection that better suits my skin tone that I’ll end up finding!



[ t w o ]

Dish Duty

Our dishwasher broke last week and wow – I seriously did not realize how many dirty dishes we accumulate throughout the day. I feel as if I’ve been washing dishes all day for the past few days. Even though I cringe at the thought of using disposable plates on an everyday basis, it might just happen if this dishwasher doesn’t get fixed soon.


[ t h r e e ]


There have been some big life changes happening of late but the one thing that constantly keeps me going is watching Little Mirchi grow into a little explorer. The way she crawls between my legs as I apply my kajal, hangs on my pants as I wash dishes, leans in for a bite when I eat,  might not sound so exciting to the outside world but I burst with happiness watching my baby girl grow and discover her little world. Motherhood has brought an indescribable happiness to my heart.



Want to share 3 Things too? You don’t have to shout them out from a rooftop of a building, just participate in our link up starting next week. Get your 3 Things picked out and your post ready, because next week we’ll be adding a link up button as well.

70 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday {Week 1}

  1. Love that lip colour on you Nisha! And those early days when the little ones find their freedom and start exploring is so exciting!! For us and the kids 🙂

  2. Lip color is really very nice..& its suiting u. I can really understand the outside world will find it messy if baby hover around us… I love my little explorer too….& sometimes I wish if I can hold time… 🙂

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