How to Choose the Right Summer Camp

Choosing the right summer camp can be overwhelming. Looking for a reliable camp with activities that interest your child(ren) can be exhausting. With summer just a few months away, now is the time to start searching for the perfect summer camp. In addition to keeping them busy, many South Asian parents actively seek ways to enhance their children’s development in multiple ways.

How to Choose the Right Summer Camp

This post is in partnership with Pierce Country Day Camp, all opinions are my own.

Pierce Country Day Camp, founded in 1918, is the first and most prestigious summer camp in American History. It’s the only family-run summer camp in the area, with the current owner being the 4th generation.

Summer camp can be a great way to hone life skills as the activities challenge children in various ways, some of those include physical, emotional and social skills.

Athletics & Aquatics help challenge children physically. A variety of sports, aquatics, adventure programs and state of the art equipment helps to build healthier and stronger kids.

How to Choose the Right Summer Camp

Pierce Camp encourages participation, growth and fun within their athletics programs. No matter the age, ability or level of experience, each camper attains physical success in their developmentally appropriate program. I know as a mother of a playful five-year-old when she plays, she builds perseverance, teamwork and fitness. These positive sports experiences keep kids turned on to athletics as they grow. Additionally, thePierce Country Day Camp Aquatics Complex is unsurpassed! They have seven temperature-controlled pools, including an Olympic indoor pool, the Aqua Dome, and Water-world Spray ground. The pools have been specifically designed to serve various ages and capabilities.

Arts and Adventure help challenge kids emotionally. Developing new skills and encouraging creativity aides in encouraging young ones to reach their full potential while building their confidence and independence.

Pierce has an impressive array of premier creative and performing arts activities. Art specialists help bring out each camper’s inner super-star. Campers have a blast as they sing, dance, paint, sculpt, and cheer their way to an amazing summer! Art activities include but are not limited to dance, rhythm, Pierce idol, drama, music, karaoke, arts and crafts, Lego robotics and Legoland, and more. For your little thrill seekers Pierce also has an incredible line-up of innovative adventure activities. Adventure activities include but are not limited to quad bungee trampolines, Zip-lining, row boating, paddle boating, diving, American Ninja Warrior obstacle course and so much more! Of course, all activities are done with campers’ safety in mind.

How to Choose the Right Summer Camp

Summer camps help children socially. In group environments like summer camp, social skills are strengthened by working together and creating new friendships. Teamwork, conflict resolution and building friendships are all important life social skills.

If you are ready to help your child gain these skills, here are some tips that will make the process easier and help you pick the right summer camp for your family.

Keep your child(rens) interests in mind | Narrowing down on what activities your child likes best will help guide you towards the right program that will keep your child engaged and happy.

Get to know your camp family | Find out about the people that will be caring for your children during the summer months. Visit open houses, talk to alumni parents and voice any concerns you have ahead of time.

Think about the location | Figure out the logistics of how drop off and pickups would look like based on the camps you’re considering. If you have a tight schedule or multiple kids in varying ages, consider camps that provide transportation.

At the end of the day, find a camp that you know your child will love and one that makes you feel safe leaving your child in their care. Summer camps are beneficial while leaving positive memories to last a lifetime, especially if you take some time beforehand to ensure you choose the right camp for your child.

How to Choose the Right Summer Camp

To learn more about Pierce Country Day Camp and the open camp visits, visit Located in Roslyn, NY, the camp offers door to door transportation for families from Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, and neighborhoods in northwestern Brooklyn.

Pierce Summer Camp is offering camp tours where no appointments are necessary. The tours will be held between 12 and 3 PM on:

  • April 13thand 14th
  • May 4thand 5th
  • May 18thand 19th
  • June 1stand 2nd

Additionally, you can call them to schedule a tour by appointment during the week between 9:30am and 4pm.

To enroll visit:

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