Hanuman Jayanti Printable

Hanuman represents will power with intellect. He is an example of being strong willed and being able to overcome any obstacle. He is the prime example of devotion. Every part of Hanuman was used for the service of Lord Rama. This Hanuman Jayanti we’ve partnered with Bharat Babies, now Mango and Marigold Press, a children’s publishing house that helps families diversify their children’s book shelves, one story at a time to create a printable for you and your family. We are also hosting a fun giveaway on Instagram for their book “Hanuman Moves Mountains”. Scroll down to learn more about the significance of Hanuman and for the free printable.

Hanuman Jayanti Printable

Monkey form

Hanuman belonged to the Vanar  group of people meaning “forest dwellers”. His half human – half monkey form represents the animal instinct in us all and how the Vanar people had the ability to adapt to their surroundings.

Smiling face

Most images of Hanuman are of him smiling or a peaceful content look on his face. This is symbolic of the happiness you gain when you keep Rama in your heart. 

Hanuman Jayanti Printable Hanuman Jayanti Printable


Hanuman’s crown signifies his god like qualities and his connection with Lord Rama. Just as you cannot imagine a king without a crown, it’s hard to imagine Lord Rama’s victory without the help of Hanuman.


A Gada/mace is Hanuman’s weapon of choice, representing the power of unity and the power of energy in oneself. Similar to how the earth moves around sun and gathers energy from it, the Gada moves around the body to gather force to be used by it’s holder.

Hanuman Jayanti Printable

His tail represents the results of our positive actions. Whether it‘s waving while chanting the glories of Lord Rama, being used as an extra hand to fight with the Lanka army or as a weapon to burn Lanka, when the tail of Hanuman comes to mind, it’s easy to see the fruits that follow when you choose the right path .

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