DIY Gilded Birthday Candles

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EASY DIY alert! A few weeks ago whileI was baking my Salted Pistachio Brownies for Little Mirchi’s birthday I realized we were out of birthday candles. I called my husband to pick up some nice ones on his way home. I was hoping for some long sparklers or number candles, what he brought were the hot pink regular old candles. I wanted to spruce them up so I decided to spray paint them gold – prettiest idea ever! Two light coats is all you need and voila, beautiful gilded birthday candles.
Gilded Birthday CandlesSupplies needed
Gold spray paint (I used this)
Birthday candles
Newspaper/cardboard/area to spray paint candles

Lay desired number of candles on newspaper (or whatever surface you decided to spray paint on). Holding the spray paint 4-5 inches away from candles, spray until fully coated. Let dry for 15-20 minutes, roll over and repeat. Spray both sides twice and let them dry fully before use. Decorate your favorite cake, make a wish.

DIY Gilded Birthday Candles

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