3 Things Thursday {Week 60}

This week I’m sharing recipes from the archives that would be great for this Memorial Day weekend {which by the way I still can’t believe its the end of May already}.

If you are new to 3 Things Thursday and would like to learn more check out my initial post about it. For directions on how to link up, follow the post!

[o n e]

Tandoori Chicken

How to make Tandoori Chicken

[t w o]

Kokum Cooler

how to make kokum cooler

[t h r e e]

Piña Colada Cupcakes

how to make piña colada cupcakes

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4 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday {Week 60}

  1. Oh! I’m so excited! An Indian food blogger! What a find! My family and I go to our local Indian buffet restaurant every other Sunday FAITHFULLY. If we miss a week, my daughter complains. It started out, years ago, that I would request to go there on Mother’s Day because it was the only day that I could for sure get just what I wanted without needing to worry about what they wanted. Then, they fell in love with it and I can go every other week! A month or so ago, I made a chicken marsala that my husband liked. He’s tried making chicken makhani a few times with failures (which is odd because he is a what I call “a chef without a restaurant”!) Anyways, I’m excited to meet you. I connected with your link through this “3 Things Thursday” weekly challenge so I will try and remember to play along next week.

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