Celebrating Diwali with Kids

Diwali is a five day festival, celebrated during the new moon between October and November in the Hindu calendar month of Kartika (Ashwin).

Celebrating Diwali with Kids

Celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world, Diwali coincides with the Hindu New Year. It celebrates both new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. 

In Northern India, Diwali is celebrated as the victory of King Rama, after his 14 years of exile and winning over Ravana in a classic good vs. evil story. In Western and Southern India, some celebrate Diwali as a tribute to Lord Krishna, who defeated Narkasura. Many Indians believe the lights used in the festival will invite Lakshmi Pooja (goddess of fortune and wealth) to bring them prosperity. The main lesson that stems from Diwali is just as light conquers darkness, good overcomes evil.

Celebrating Diwali with Kids
Celebrating the essence of Diwali with young kids is truly magical. You see their eyes light up as you tell them stories of Lord Rama and his victory. They gain a sense of pride at the mention of how Goddess Lakshmi will be visiting their home.

In partnership with Kulture Khazana, here are some simple and engaging ways to celebrate Diwali with kids.

  • Decorate with lights: Diwali is translated into “rows of lit lamps,” as during the festival people light up their homes with small earthen oil lamps called diyas. Make these colorful rainbow diyas for a fun family activity.
  • Make Rangoli: Rangoli is a folk art made during Hindu festivals to bring good luck and as a welcoming adornment outside homes. The artwork is both religious and cultural and details often include lotus flowers, mango leaves, peacocks, and other elaborate designs. This mandala floor puzzle would be a beautiful way to combine the rich art of rangoli along with a kid centric activity of puzzle solving.Celebrating Diwali with Kids Celebrating Diwali with Kids
  • Cook together: The sweet and savory smells from the kitchen during festivals can invoke the most magical nostalgia for many. Make some delicious treats together such as  homemade khari and funfetti kalakand.
  • Get crafty: Make cards or mini framed artwork for your loved ones by coloring or painting pages from this Mandala coloring book. Cut out your favorites and glue them on cards or on card stock to frame.

Celebrating Diwali with Kids

  • Pray together: Encourage kids to help decorate the mandir or prayer space. Then have them lead the prayer with their own Puja thali, which includes kum kum and a booklet of what everything means along with an Aarti QR code. Start new traditions by making Diwali wishes for themselves and those around them. 

I hope these ideas help you and your family have a festive and bright Diwali season. 

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This post is sponsored by Kulture Khazana. Helping explore heritage and culture with Indian books, workshops, puzzles and holiday boxes to forge community and confidence in children. All thoughts and opinions our own.

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