4 Ways Summer Camps Encourage Confidence

Every parent wants their child to walk into their first day of school with confidence and a positive attitude. Being comfortable and proud of who you are, is a great attitude adjuster and a wonderful way to start the new school year.

4 Ways Summer Camps Encourage Confidence

As kids get older, there are many things that they see and hear that can affect their self-confidence. Summer camps like Pierce Country Day Camp help children increase their self-confidence by allowing them to try new things, develop skills, and overcome challenges in a supportive and caring environment.

Read below to see four ways summer camps encourage confidence.

  1. Trying new things and friendly competition:

With each new skill and success comes more confidence. Learning to beat your athletic goals, trying new activities, spending time with other peers are all skills and successes that directly boost a child’s confidence. Whenever my daughter accomplishes something she doubted, she beams with pride and tries harder at the next task.  Pierce Camp provides a variety of sports, aquatics, adventure programs and state of the art equipment to help build healthier and stronger kids.

  1. Making new friendships:

Pierce is a trusted camp for over four generations. Established in 1918, Pierce has become synonymous with excellence in the field of camping. The Pierce formula for success blends a magnificent facility with a dynamic and creative curriculum, offered by highly spirited and interactive staffs. They significantly emphasize on personal growth, friendship and fun. Camp counselors, unlike teachers, view their primary role as one of facilitating friendships and positive experiences. They are also trained to help campers build social skills. At camp, children are socializing with one another all day. They have time to learn appropriate social interactions by echoing counselors and fellow campers. For many children, camp may be the first opportunity to meet such a large number of new friends and interact with a diverse group of people. Campers get practice talking to new people and asking questions to get to know others.

  1. Stepping out of comfort zones and learning new skill sets:

When campers try new things at Pierce Camp, like swimming or putting on a play, they step out of their comfort zone.  They do things that they previously thought they could not do, and learn quickly that they are capable of doing so many things. This translates into a positive attitude that will be with them for the rest of their life. Confidence building is crucial in school aged children where they are often exposed to new activities and various social settings.

  1. Counselor & Peer encouragement and positive reinforcement:

At Pierce Country Day Camp there are multiple times a day that kids will learn and hear that they are good, they are smart, they are creative, they are athletic, and so many other positive affirmations. The staff and camp counselors are great at making sure kids know that they are appreciated and identifying their strengths due to the low teacher camper ratio at Pierce Camp. When children hear enough times that they are good enough, they will eventually begin to believe it. As children try new things the counselor’s help them understand their strengths and weaknesses to help them understand what mistakes they made along the way so they can learn in a positive manner.

4 Ways Summer Camps Encourage Confidence

We encourage you to talk as a family and find the summer camp that’s right for your kids so that they will not only have fun but will enjoy a summer that can be so much more than just another vacation!

To learn more about Pierce Country Day Camp and the open camp visits, visit https://www.piercecamps.com. Located in Roslyn, NY, the camp offers door to door transportation for families from Long Island, Queens, Manhattan, and neighborhoods in northwestern Brooklyn.

Pierce Summer Camp is offering camp tours where no appointments are necessary. The tours will be held between 12 and 3 PM on:

  • May 18th and 19th
  • June 1st and 2nd

Additionally, you can callthem to schedule a tour by appointment during the week between 9:30am and 4pm.

To enroll visit: https://www.piercecamps.com/about/enroll.php

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