3 Things Thursday {Week 28}


Hi All! This week I’m sharing a few of my favorite articles that I’ve read in the past few days.

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What kids all around the world eat for breakfast

Rise & Shine – While I completely agree that culture should influence a families breakfast vs. the sugary food industry I am curious if the proportions depicted in this article are correct. They seem massive! I did however enjoy seeing all the diversity in the meals and am a sucker for savory breakfast foods myself!

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31 backstage beauty secrets – Loving all the simple makeup tips in this article that are actually doable!


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Getting your kids to eat everything – Mark Bittman’s story on how he introduced a variety of foods to his children while they were growing up and how they ate them (and enjoyed them!). We have also noticed that Little Mirchi is much more interested what is on our plates vs if we try and feed her separately. This is one of the reasons we try and keep our meal times at a similar time when she eats, so that she will be open to trying new foods and enjoy them.

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4 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday {Week 28}

  1. What kids eat for breakfast was a really interesting read! I guess I never really though about it a lot but there is so much variety. I’m sure lots of kids would love the toast with chocolate sprinkles 🙂

  2. I love that post about the kids having breakfast around the world! Also, I’ve been meaning to tell you that you should check out this book called French Kids Eat Everything and Your Kids Can Too. You’ll love it!

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