3 Things Thursday {Week 27}


Happy Thursday! The past few weeks have been filled with chaos and fun as we had family visiting. Mornings were filled with chai and childhood stories and by night we were sprawled across the couch, playing cards and pulling legs. This morning I woke up to the sound of silence, missing the fun and family time. Sharing a few happenings from this week this 3 things Thursday.

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New Phone

I have been loooong overdue for a new phone. My storage was shot, screen semi cracked, and model unable to update to the latest software. So when my phone fell last week and I couldn’t see the screen anymore, I knew it was time. I am loving my new iPhone 6! I got the gold (of course) with much more storage… so I don’t have to worry about the number of pictures I take of Little Mirchi.

[t w o]

Kitchen Drama

So here’s the deal. A few weeks ago we got our kitchen (which was a fiasco on it’s own as we had to go to 3 different locations to source all the parts). Since then everyday we are discovering a missing screw, a missing nut, bolt, you get the deal. I’m running low on patience and am ready for it to to be done with.

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Kanjak Puja

I was up early today prepping for Kanjak Puja. Kanjak Puja is an important ritual during the Navaratri. It falls on the eighth day (Ashtami) of the nine-day Navaratri festival. Young girls (Kanjaks) and one boy (lainkda) are worshiped on this day in North India. On the day of, people invite young girls to their homes and wash their feet and tie red color thread on their wrists. They take blessings by washing their feet, as it is said Mother Durga resides in them. The children are given prasad (holy offered food) and a small gift  or money. Last year Little Mirchi wasn’t mobile so she sat still during the prayer… we’ll see how she does this year now that she is on the go!


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