Making Time For Yourself

Making time for yourself as a Mom can sometimes seem like an impossible feat at times. It’s a challenge to let ourselves slow down. It seems there is always something that needs doing, always someone who needs our attention. Most of us need “me time'” but we convince ourselves that we don’t or can’t. Only after motherhood did I realize the importance of taking time out for myself. Tending to work, daily tasks and a little one, with an around the clock on-demand schedule made it very convincing to take time out for myself to recharge. Now that Little Mirchi is an independent, busy child, I still carve out time for myself and find myself more alert, refreshed, patient and content.

Making time for yourself
Whether it’s having a cup of tea, reading a book or catching up with old friends, practicing self care is the easiest way to stay stress free and happy. I truly feel that taking care of myself is also taking care of my family.

Here are some things I do to make time for myself as a Mom:

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Every morning I devote a few minutes to myself to enjoy my chai in peace. This generally means waiting to have my chai after I’ve dropped Little Mirchi to school so I’m not guzzling it down during our morning routine. Some mornings I like to light a candle, turn on some soothing tunes and just breathe. Having those mornings moments to myself keeps me positive.


As sweet as morning sleep is, it’s even sweeter having a quiet house to get things done and plan out my day. I try and wake up a few minutes before the rest of my family so I don’t feel rushed from the beginning of the day.


Make time for yourself, coordinate with your other half and schedule it. Sometimes I just need a quiet place to write, coffee with a friend or a relaxing manicure. I schedule in that time, weekends if it’s easier because I know if it’s not something I commit to, it will get lost in our daily routine.


Whether it’s video chatting or a coffee date. Meeting with girlfriends is half recreation half therapy for me! It reminds me of my pre Mumma self and it’s refreshing to get adult only moments. It’s easy to put off such simple meetings but those moments will seem like small luxuries when you make them happen.


If you can’t manage to leave the house but need a breather, have quiet time with your little(s). Little Mirchi and I practice this often, it’s a great way to encourage self play. They can color, read, or use their imagination for other quiet activities. This gives you the opportunity to get comfortable in your favorite spot and enjoy a book or some meditation while still keeping an eye on them.

Making time for yourself

These are just some of the ways I practice self care. How do you make time for yourself?

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