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Hi All! Hope you are having a great first full week of 2015. Who else is still writing 2014 on everything?! I caught myself smudging it out everywhere this week. Since next week is Lohri (The Indian winter bonfire celebration celebrating new beginnings, crop harvesting and fertility!), I thought it was only fitting that I share some Lohri inspiration on this weeks link up.

[o n e]

Smores’ Station

If there’s going to be a giant bonfire, might as well make it sweeter by adding a smore’s station to the party!




[t w o]

Punjabi Juttis

Punjabi juttis (shoes) are some of my favorites! A few years ago when we visited Amritsar, I went bonkers at all the local jutti stalls. I remember my Mom telling me it wasn’t the last time I would come to India (her way of telling me to not to buy them all!)




Popcorn Bar

Popcorn, rewari, gajak are all popular snacks during the winter months and are sure to be at any Lohri celebration. Check out these gorgeous Popcorn Bar’s – who knew popcorn could be so glam?

PopcornBar_2 PopcornBar_1

For more Lohri Inspired finds – check out my Lohri Pinterest Board!

3 thoughts on “Lohri Inspiration | Ideas to Celebrate Lohri

  1. Obviously I love all these ideas! Smores bar is the kid’s favourite part of Lohri & I would never pass up an excuse to wear a punjabi jhutti!

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