Karwachauth Thali Essentials

This year I had a few followers reach out to me and tell me that this blog has become like a big sister in their lives, they look to it for cultural guidance and support. That’s been some of the best feedback I’ve received. (Thank you!) One of the benefits of having sisters and mothers close by is the passing on and guidance of traditions and culture. While that isn’t always possible, I’m happy to build a virtual sisterhood. Here’s a guide on Karwachauth Thali Essentials, what to put in your Karwachauth Puja ki Thali, something many of us learn from our sisters or mother in laws. Aside from fasting, one of the main tasks involved in Karwa Chauth preparations is to prepare the puja ki thali which is used in both evening and chaand puja.

Karwachauth Thali Essentials

In addition to being a day when wives fast for the health and long lives of their husbands, Karwachauth is also a celebration of sisterhood. Women are encouraged to spend the day with their mothers, sisters and girlfriends celebrating this day. For my first Karwachauth I was lucky enough to celebrate it with my Mom, so there was no worry of what to put in my thali. The next year I created a word document to guide me so I could manage without her being with me. Every year I use that guide if I ever have any doubt.

Disclaimer: These are the traditions my family follows; as with many rituals in Hinduism, each family may have their own take on traditions, please follow accordinglyMy mom-in-law has no strict rules on what to keep in a thali, she is just happy that I enjoy the fast and do it full heartedly.

Karwachauth Thali Essentials
Karwachauth Thali Essentials

2 Ghee diyas
Karwa, kalash or steel glass
Mathri (optional)
Karwachauth Thali Essentials
Here’s a breakdown of why we keep these items in the Karwachauth Puja Thali and when they are required:
  • The fruit is generally offered collectively at the time of evening puja and given to a local mandir or or priest.
  • *Baya is a gift that a daughter-in-law gives to her mother-in-law after the puja in form of fruits, sweets, dry fruits and sometimes money. Even if you are giving your mother in law an elaborate and heavy gift, keep the weight of your Karwachauth thali light by putting money and a small amount of nuts as a place holder.
  • Mithai is kept to offer to the moon at chand puja and to be your first bite when you open your fast, something sweet to resemble the romance.
  • Two ghee diyas are required as one is used for the evening puja and the other one should be reserved for chand puja when you place it on your chaani and look for the moon.
  • A chunni / dupatta is used to cover your thali as it’s believed this will protect it from nazar (evil eye).
  • A karwa, kalash or steel glass is filled with water, 1 teaspoon milk & pinch of sugar & rice. It’s kept for the evening and chand puma and placed outside of the Thali.
  • The chaani (large sieve) is not part of puja thali, however it’s required at night to see the moon so you can keep that aside until needed.
  • Having mathri in your thali depends family to family, some women open their fasts with mathris.
  • A pinch of sindoor in your thali is considered to be auspicious and a sign of a married woman.
  • Rice is the universal substitute for everything in most Hindi rituals, I keep a small pinch just in case I’ve missed anything.
Wishing you a beautiful and blessed Karwachauth! If you have any questions related to the fast, feel free to reach out and I’ll help in any way I can.

5 thoughts on “Karwachauth Thali Essentials

  1. This is exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much!!

    I also add one or two fresh flowers on my thali and will be making chocolate hazelnut laddoos and honey sweetened rose cashew cookies as mithai. I also add a silver coin that I received during my wedding time as a reminder of the sweet memory and blessings.

    What are your thoughts about wearing some of the red chooda? Also, everyone has a different fasting routine, could you explain what’s best in terms of water, chai, etc..? Thanks again!!

  2. Hi Nisha, question re:covering thali. Is it covered during the Puja, or uncovered since there is a lit diya? I honestly can’t remember what i’ve done!

    1. Oh my goodness can’t believe I didn’t see this before but it is covered and diva ontop or to the side

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