Hurricane Sandy & Food Survival Tips

“Appreciation is the highest form of prayer, for it acknowledges the presence of good wherever you shine the lights of your thankful thoughts.” -Alan Cohen

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As I write this, the lights of emergency vehicles flood our dark living room and the sound of sirens fill the quiet streets. I’ve managed to find a spot in town where the network works and I’m able to communicate to the outside world. Once I’m there, this will be up.

Appreciative is perhaps too weak of a word to describe how I feel after the past few days.

– I am thankful to god for keeping us safe, dry, together and out of harms way.

– I am thankful for having such an emotionally and mentally strong husband and him keeping it together, for the both of us.

– I am thankful to have such loving parents and in-laws who spent nights awake praying for our safety.

– I am thankful to our wonderful circle of friends who have checked up on us, kept us updated, and kept us sane these last few days.

Having lived in Florida for several years I’ve experienced my fair share of hurricanes, tropical storms, and torrential downpour. I know for the large part what necessities are a must, to X your windows, to move outdoor furniture indoors, to fill up your gas tank ASAP before the stations run out, that no matter how much bottled water you get, you always feel you could have done with more, etc. One thing I never had to worry about while at home was what to cook for my family while power was down. This has been my first power outage lasting longer then a few hours and the first time I really had to think about what I could make.

To start with, I must say this storm has made me even more “pro gas range” then before. I’m so thankful that we have gas in our apartment and are able to use the oven for heat and the gas range to cook. These food tips are obviously by personal experience and in no means do I consider myself a storm expert.

Some images of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath in Jersey City, NJ:







Supplies that proved helpful and I will be sure to have on hand for the future:

-Gas Range/Portable Propane BBQ range: While the power may be out, gas can help keep you going longer with food, hot water, & heat.

-LED flashlights with extra batteries: Candles are great but can be dangerous and tend to burn quickly. LED flashlights last longer, are brighter, and much safer around young ones and families with pets. They will also help when/if you need to go outside as opposed to candles which will burn out due to rain & wind.

Ziplock bags: This tip was passed on to me by my Insurance school teacher and I will never forget it. Seal up your important documents, ID’s, passports, pictures, hand held electronics, in ziplock bags. Double bag if needed. These little plastic bags can end up being your saviors if you have water damage.

Car chargers: If you are able to get to your car after the storm and still don’t have power, these little guys will help you juice up your phones and get in touch with loved ones. Our car chargers have helped keep us in touch with family, friends, news updates and work contacts.

Local city flood zone map: Most cities/towns have these maps available on their websites or city halls. Get an idea of what dangers you may face and if its worth investing in a battery powered sump pump or generator. These maps are complied by experts and past events and proved very accurate for us in this past storm.

Hurricane safe / gas range friendly menu items:

Daal Chawal (Stewed lentils & rice) – lentils are full of protein and can be cooked quickly with a pressure cooker. Boil some long grain basmati rice and you have a hot, flavorful and filling meal. Here’s a recipe for a daal that we make quite often: Toor ki daal/Yellow Pigeon Pea lentils


Pav Bhaji (Steamed mixed veggies with spices): Prevent your vegetables from going bad and cook them down with spices and serve with buttered bread. Find out more about Pav Bhaji here: Wiki Pav Bhaji

Egg Curry: Use up your eggs and keep them from going bad by making this hearty, protein based, spicy curry. Canned tomatoes can be subbed for fresh tomatoes. This is the recipe we use: Hubby Darling’s Egg Curry


Fresh Fruits & Nuts: No cooking, cooling, heating needed. Get long lasting fruits like apples and pears that last long and don’t require much refrigeration.

Kashmiri Rajma (Vegetarian Chili): I always keep dry beans/lentils on hand but this can be made with canned beans as well. Use up your fresh peppers, tomatoes, spices if needed. Here’s a family favorite recipe: Creamy Kashmiri Rajma


Granola/Protein Bars: Be sure to get the ones with less sugar and more fiber/protein to help keep you fuller longer.

These are some of the meals that we’ve been cooking up courtesy our Gas Stove. Although we’ve been fine we are hoping to get our power back soon and return to normalcy. I hope some of these recipes/tips are able to help now or in the future.

We hope your family is safe & dry during this trying time.

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  1. Great read. While we thankfully have not been affected by Sandy, these are great tips everyone should bear in mind.

  2. Always great to see how you turn a negative into a positive, the tips are great, well done Nisha, stay safe and well, Sandy.

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