How to Teach Hindi to Kids

In honor of International Mother Language Day, an initiative to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and promote multilingualism I’m sharing 8 easy ways to encourage your little ones to speak your mother language at home.

How to teach Hindi to kids
Between my husband and I, our families speak about five languages fluently, the common one being Hindi (and English, of course). Having my daughter be fluent in Hindi is extremely important to us and here are some ways we are helping foster her understanding and love of the language:

How to teach Hindi to kids
1. Speak it at home: The more you speak it at home, the easier it will be for you and your little(s) to practice it daily.

2. Watch movies or listen to songs: I can’t tell you how many phrases Little Mirchi has picked up from Bollywood movies and songs.

3. Find extracurriculars in a foreign language: for us those are Little Mirchi’s Bollywood dance classes where she gets to connect the movies we watch at home to the songs she dances to in class.

4. Enlist the help of grandparents: Grandparents often get soft with our little ones and speak to them however they think our littles will understand. Encourage Grandparents to stick to your mother language.

5. Tell stories in your mother language: It is amazing to see how children’s faces light up when they have to use their imaginations in stories, fostering that fun in your native language will make it easier for them to learn.

6. Encourage them with books and toys: We love our Uncle Goose Hindi blocks and Shubh Ratri Dost by Bharat Babies.

7. Focus on the verbal skills first: By developing your child’s verbal skills first as this will increase their interest and confidence in the language. Once they are confident speakers, encourage reading and writing.

8. Use the language with love: If Hindi is your mother tongue it can be easy to use it when scolding or in disciplinary situations with your little ones, remember to use it in positive and praise worthy moments as well.

How to teach Hindi to kids

What are some ways you teach your mother language at home?

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