How to Shop, Clean and Care for Indian Jewelry

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How to Shop Clean and Care for Indian Jewelry

Sona Jewelers was established 30 years ago. Their business was built on providing a quality products. Over the years they have become a household name in the South Asian community as one of the most trusted Jewelers in the US. Their ability to procure the finest designs and largest variety of products in 22k gold and 18k diamond jewelry has established them as the go to jeweler. Quality of service is their priority and they are now serving 3rd generations of families for their jewelry needs.

How to Shop Clean and Care for Indian Jewelry
Personally, we’ve been shopping at Sona Jewelers for over 10 years. My engagement ring, our wedding rings, birth gifts and so much more have been from Sona and those pieces all hold a special place in my heart. Most recently I had the pleasure of visiting Sona Jewelers with my mom and daughter to see their latest collection and get tips from their expert Jewelers on the best way to shop, clean and care for your Indian jewelry. Here is what they suggested:

How to Shop Clean and Care for Indian Jewelry

When it comes to Indian jewelry, what are five classic types of jewelry pieces that never go out of style?

Bridal jewelry: Indian bridal outfits are very intricate and detailed and pair perfectly with classic bridal jewelry. These pieces can be worn again and again.

Mangalsutras: Mangalsutras are as important to an Indian bride as an engagement ring or wedding band as it symbolizes love and marriage. Hindu wedding ceremonies are not complete unless the groom places the mangalsutra on the bride. Today the mangalsutra has come a long way from larger necklaces to smaller modern styles that can be worn daily.

Bangles: Gold and Diamond bangles are our top jewelry seller. With bangles made in all sizes, quantities and finish, they have come to hold the same importance as a watch does to complete a wardrobe. You can simply wear a cuff, tennis bracelet, or two bangles on a day to day basis. For larger events you can opt for larger intricate kadas or 8 stackable bangles.

Rings: Diamond and gold rings are evergreen and anyone serious about jewelry will have multiples. From engagement rings to wedding bands and everyday rings they have become an important part of everyday jewelry.

Diamond earrings and studs: Diamond solitaire studs are the single most earrings worn and sold for women.

How to Shop Clean and Care for Indian Jewelry How to Shop Clean and Care for Indian Jewelry
What is the best way to store jewelry pieces at home?

Keeping each jewelry item separate from one another is very important to avoid damage. Polki and antique jewelry need the most care, they need to be packed separately in moisture resistant polythene bags with added security of silica packets to avoid discoloration of kundan stones. Any perfume application should be avoided directly on the jewelry.

How to Shop Clean and Care for Indian Jewelry
What is the best way to clean your jewelry?

Avoid any cleaning materials on emeralds and pearls. Just simple water cleaning is fine for this type of jewelry. Diamond and plain gold jewelry (not studded with stones or with enamel) could be cleaned with jewelry ultrasonic cleaners or taken to the jeweler you purchased it from for a in depths professional cleaning.

How to Shop Clean and Care for Indian Jewelry
How often should jewelry be cleaned?

Ultrasonic cleaners could be used once a month on everyday jewelry. Occasional wear will require much less cleaning, once a year is sufficient.

How to Shop Clean and Care for Indian Jewelry

As a jeweler if you can give an insiders tip to the readers on shopping for and caring for jewelry.

Buying jewelry is very personal and the interaction is important. Transacting with established long standing jewelers like Sona Jewelers assures clients they are receiving a quality product instead of mass produced jewelry where quality is compromised. Buying diamonds is especially vital that it can be seen and touched. Not all diamonds are created equally and although a customer can buy online just viewing the diamond certificate that has quality listed, there is so much more to it than just a piece of paper. We inspect each and every solitaire in house to assure the diamond is what the certificate says. All our diamonds are inspected by a GIA Diamond Graduate in house to verify the certification.

How to Shop Clean and Care for Indian Jewelry
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