How To Shop At Farmers Markets

How to Shop at Farmers MarketsSummer and Fall is my favorite time to shop for fruits and vegetables. Not only is some of my favorite produce in season, the Farmers Markets are open which means access to fresh, local food. Farmers markets are a great way to get your shopping done for the week, flavor artisan foods, discover local artists selling handmade goods and support local. They have a relaxed feel with friendly vendors ready to educate and help you when your looking for something in particular. Today I’m sharing a few tips on how to shop at farmers markets effectively and efficiently.

How to Shop at Farmers Markets

Plan Ahead
Most of the fruits and vegetables you will find at the farmers markets are locally grown and pesticide free. This means their shelf life will be short. It’s best to plan ahead and buy only what you need for the week.

How to Shop at Farmers Markets

Take Your Own Bags
Many vendors sell you fruit and vegetables in the actual harvesting trays and mini crates. If you plan on buying multiple items, taking your own bags would help ease the load without the threat of produce falling everywhere.

How to Shop at Farmers MarketsTalk to the Vendors
Looking for a certain vegetable? Unsure of when your favorite fruit is in season? Talk to the vendors! Most vendors are happy to help you find what what your looking for, advise on harvesting schedules and tell you more about where their produce comes from.

How to Shop at Farmers MarketsBe Mindful of Timing
Keep up with your local Farmers Market for timings, rain days and seasonal specials. Many vendors that host markets in city centers have long commutes, it’s important to remember when they open and close at the market to ensure you have ample time to shop.

How to Shop at Farmers MarketsBring Cash
Some vendors still prefer cash or have a card minimum. Remember to bring cash (preferably small bills as they’re on the go and most likely don’t have access for large amounts of change).

How to Shop at Farmers MarketsHave Fun
One thing I love about shopping at our local farmers market it that it’s in our local park. My little one loves our morning strolls on Saturdays, munching on a croissant while I peruse the produce vendors and ending our morning on the swings. It’s a fun way to pick up your weekly produce with the family.

How to Shop at Farmers Markets

Happy Shopping!

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