How to Make an Indian Inspired Cheese Board

Sharing how to make an Indian Inspired Cheese Board,  a perfect appetizer idea for the upcoming festive season.

Who can say no to a good cheese board? Cheese boards are such a great way to entertain and are both delicious and filling. While they may look complicated to put together, all you need is a basic list and build from there. I thought it would be fun to arrange an Indian Inspired cheeseboard filled with festive touches just in time for the holidays.

How to Make an Indian Inspired Cheese Board

As you start planning your cheese board, think about your favorite snack items. Adding a variety of cheese, fruits both fresh and dry, herbs, breads, nuts and various dips can add lots of color. The board should look full and inviting, don’t be afraid to pile and rearrange them while thinking about varying the different items throughout.

How to Make an Indian Inspired Cheese Board How to Make an Indian Inspired Cheese Board

Here’s what to include:

  • Cheese:  including a variety of both hard and soft cheese. Look for cheeses with herbs and fruits.
  • Nuts: almonds, cashews, and pistachios work great or change it up and add some masala nuts.
  • Fresh Fruits: choose based on the season, but grapes, berries, stone fruit, and figs all add a variety of color and flavor while being able to sit out for a whole without browning.
  • Dried Fruits: try apricots, dates, freeze-dried strawberries and mangos.
  • Vegetables: carrots, cucumbers, celery, cherry tomatoes are all great choices.
  • Carbs: Kawan Paratha dippers* ,toasted baguettes, naan chips or breadsticks.
  • Dips: serve hummus, honey, tzatziki, beetroot raita or a chatpatta mixed vegetable raita.
  • Miscellaneous: mini samosas, mithai, paneer skewers.

I’m partnering with Kawan to help share recipes and meal ideas. All opinions expressed are my own. 

How to Make an Indian Inspired Cheese Board

Paratha Dippers

These Paratha dippers are flakey, savory and such a fun way to change up your appetizer menu. You can season Paratha dippers with your favorite herbs and spices. I made a batch with everything seasoning and a batch with thyme and black pepper. They are the perfect addition to a cheese board. 


Kawan Parathas
Favorite seasonings


On a semi thawed Paratha, sprinkle your seasonings generously. Using a rolling pin, gently push down the sessions while rolling out the parathas. Cook the Paratha per package directions. Preheat the oven to 425F. Cut the paratha into bite size pieces and layer in a baking sheet. Bake the Paratha dippers for 8 minutes. Serve alongside your favorite dips.

How to Make an Indian Inspired Cheese Board

Once you have all the items ready, arrange the board. Start by placing any bowls on the board/serving platter and plan to use them for fruits or dips. Space them out, using a variety of container heights and sizes to arrange items; height adds dimension. Fill board with the large items first followed by the smaller items and filling in any gaps with nuts and dried fruits.

How to Make an Indian Inspired Cheese Board


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  1. What a fantastic idea!! I love hosting wine and cheese nights so this is one I’m definitely bookmarking. Thanks!

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