Friday Follow | Mother’s Day Special

In celebration of Mothers Day I wanted to share some of my favorite South Asian social media influencers who also happen to be Moms. I’ve known some of these women for years and others I’ve connected with recently, however long (or short) the relation, I love what these ladies do and how they do it. Whether you’re looking for food, motherhood or lifestyle inspiration, these ladies continuously inspire.

Asha | Food Fashion Party


While I’ve been following Asha for quite sometime now, I personally connected with her last year. I absolutely love how she shares the beauty of Indian cuisine and makes the simplest of meals look like artwork. Mom to two boys, she shares a mix of traditional meals she grew up with, modern desserts, everyday staples and lunch box meals that will have you wishing you were still in school. Her food styling is a true reflection of her beautiful personality.
Devina and I knew of each other via Instagram since last year but had the opportunity to meet in person this year. When we met, it was as if I’d know her all along. Devina’s aesthetically pleasing feed has a boho chic vibe and is filled with captures of her little boy Armaan, lifestyle picks and her favorite brands. My personal favorite is her Mums series, where she profiles a variety of South Asian women.
Frieda | Spice it Up
I’ve been following Frieda on Instagram for a while now and have always loved the way she gives her desserts and “glamorous makeover”. Mum to two little ones, she shares Sunday dinners, lovely desserts and everyday meals. My favorite is her Victoria sponge cake with fresh whipped cream. She’s also equally hilarious as she is beautiful!
Mamma Bear and I connected this year and it was as if we’d known each other forever. Mom to 8 month old Baby S, who’s officially my “Insta Niece”, Nikita shares her baby’s milestones, baby wearing and baby led weaning techniques. I love her approach to honest motherhood.

Raj | Pink Chai Living


Raj or Rajo as I call her have known each other forever it seems like! I’ve seen her go from fashion blogger to lifestyle blogger to social media maven all while raising her two little ones. Raj and I share a love of Indian food, jhumke and chai which totally makes us my soul sisters! I love the way she puts a Desi tadka on everything she does. She shares a mix of recipes, fashion, momtrepreneur tips and her favorite reads.

Sarah | Flour and Spice


Sarah and I connected the good old blogging way, through WordPress! She calls herself a baker by birth and a cook by circumstance. We’ve bonded over old Desi tunes, ghar ka khaana and raising little women. Sarah shares approachable baked goodies, beautiful cakes she’s created and everyday dinner ideas.
Hope you enjoyed virtually meeting these lovely ladies, Happy Mothers Day!

3 thoughts on “Friday Follow | Mother’s Day Special

  1. Little Mirchi and Little Laddoo (I’m going to start calling her that now) are insta-sisters! Yayyy! Thank you so much for the beautiful words. And it was lovely to meet these amazing moms too. Happy Mother’s Day ❤❤❤

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