Friday Favorites: Sanskriti Box

Recently Sanskriti Box contacted me about an opportunity to share and review their service. Sanskriti Box is a monthly subscription box that’s filled with hand picked children’s books, stories and activities that will immerse children into Indian culture. They strive to choose engaging books with exciting illustrations, moral lessons or traditional folk tales and base the theme around an animal or holiday.

Friday Favorites: Sanskriti Box
While there aren’t different boxes for varying age ranges, you will find a variety of activities and books that will suit a wide age group. Another great feature is if you a few children at home, Sanskriti Box will fill the box with that amount of crafts, so there’s no need to order extra boxes, every child gets a craft. Let’s dive right in to see what was in the box and how you can get your little ones subscribed.

Friday Favorites: Sanskriti BoxFriday Favorites: Sanskriti Box

The Review:

The beautiful crimson box arrived packed with the crafts carefully packaged. Little Mirchi was excited to open it right away. The first thing to strike her eye was the book “Ganesh and the Little Mouse” a sweet tale about Ganesh, friendships and being proud of who you are. She then went through the items one by one.

Friday Favorites: Sanskriti Box

Here’s what was in our May Box:

Ganesh and the Little Mouse
In the Indian Night Sky

Wood Family Craft Kit
Paint, Glue, Scissors (this is only sent once)

Parle-G Cookies

Sanskriti Flash Cards
Family Tree Charm
Jade & Lily beauty samples

Friday Favorites: Sanskriti BoxFriday Favorites: Sanskriti Box

Little Mirchi was excited about the wooden family and as soon as her Papa arrived home from work she sat him down to paint. There were directions in the box guiding how to decorate the wooden figures however we let her free play as she was more interested in making sure Papa had a red shirt and Mumma had a blue dress. The book “In the Indian Night Sky” was a bit advanced for her so she wasn’t as interested in it, I’ll save it for her and I’m sure she will understand it more once she’s older. Out of all eight items that were sent she was interested and interacted with four items: Ganesh and the Little Mouse, Wood Family Craft, Parle-G cookies (but of course!) and the paints. All in all it was a good concept and I enjoyed seeing the wonder in Little Mirchi’s eyes as she discovered each item.

Friday Favorites: Sanskriti Box

As most of you know I love adding cultural books to Little Mirchi’s library collection and this box makes it easy. If you’re looking for a monthly surprise for your child each month that makes culture and leaning enjoyable, this would be a great box to subscribe to. Love Laugh Mirch readers get 20% off using the code “MIRCH” at checkout.

Sanskriti Box sent me this box free of charge to review, as always all opinions are my own.

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