Friday Favorites: Elephant Love

Both Hubby Darling and I have an extreme love for elephants. Growing up he would visit street pottery shops in Bombay, watching the sculptors for hours prepare Ganesh Idols. Coincidentally, my favorite stuffed animals growing up were a bright pink panther and light gray baby elephant – which I insisted on taking everywhere with me. These gentle giants have captured our hearts since childhood and now that we are expecting, we adore all the baby elephant gear. Once we are moved into the house, we plan on adding touches of elephant love to Little Mirchi’s nursery. Here are some of my favorite recent elephant finds.
Mother & Child Elephant Illustration by Nidhi Chanani
From the moment I saw this heartfelt illustration I knew I had to see more from this talented artist. The feeling it invokes with the mother caressing the baby in her arms on a gentle lotus flower is just absolutely divine. I loved it so much that I set it as my phone’s wallpaper. I plan on getting this and a few more prints from Nidhi’s collection once we are ready to move in the house and decorate Little Mirchi’s nursery. The hardest part will be selecting the few out of so many of her bubbly colorful prints. You can find more of Nidhi’s wonderful artwork at Everyday Love.
Elephant Lamp in Utopia by Jonathan Adler
THIS is it! This is the lamp I plan on getting for LM’s nursery. It’s fresh, sculpted marvelously, with just enough detail. What I love about it most is that its whimsical without being cartoony. The lamp is produced in Peru from brown stoneware which peeks through the sheer white glaze. For more of his designs, check out Jonathan Adler.
Elephant Wood Jigsaw Puzzle by Northwest Toycrafters
While searching for elephant puzzles I stumbled across a site Luulla. This site is a bazar type site where different vendors and craftsmen have their own personal shops set up. After browsing the website I found this adorable looking puzzle set that would work perfectly for what I was looking for. The puzzles are crafted by hand from Baltic birch plywood and hand sanded for a smooth surface. Since there was no option to buy only the elephant puzzles, (it came with other animals included) I contacted Steve from Northwest Toycrafters and he offered to change my order to all elephant puzzles (at no extra cost) AND there was no delay in shipping. Talk about excellent customer service. Keep your eye on the blog for how I will use these sweet puzzles very soon! Check out all the other products Northwest Toycrafters offers on Luulla.
Rattan Elephant Hamper by Home Decorators Collections
Laundry just got pretty with this adorable elephant laundry hamper. The wicker hamper is hand-woven and comes in a variety of colors (I like white the best). I think this is a great way to add fun and style to any room, especially in a child’s room where laundry can pile up pretty quickly. Take a look at the other colors on the Home Decorators Collection.
*All opinions are my own and I have not been compensated in any way to share any of these products.
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