DIY Raksha Bandhan Cards

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner we’re sharing an easy DIY that you can make for your siblings.

DIY Raksha Bandhan Cards
Raksha Bandhan, also referred to as Rakhi/Rakhri is the festival that celebrates the bond between brother and sister. To learn more about the celebrations and history about this festival or how we’ve celebrated previously, look here and here.
DIY Raksha Bandhan Cards
This year we made our own cards that doubled as rakhi holders. As always, Little Mirchi chose the Rakhis she wanted to send to her cousin brothers. Once we got home we decided to make special cards to mail them with. Most of this project was completed independently by Little Mirchi herself. All I had to do was trace her hand and cut the card paper. If you have older children that can manage scissors on their own, this could be done by them start to finish.
DIY Raksha Bandhan Cards DIY Raksha Bandhan Cards
What you’ll need:
Card stock paper
Crayons or poster paints
DIY Raksha Bandhan Cards

Step One
Trace your little ones hand print on the paper, repeat until you have the amount of cards you need.
DIY Raksha Bandhan Cards
Step Two

Have your little one color or paint the card stock paper. I found it was easier to have Little Mirchi paint all over before we cut out the hand prints. If painting, let dry before proceeding.

DIY Raksha Bandhan Cards

Step Three
Cut out the handprints and write your greeting message on the non decorated side.
DIY Raksha Bandhan Cards
Step Four

Make a slit on each side of the hand and tie your rakhis on the handprint cards.The slits help to hold the rake in place.

DIY Raksha Bandhan Cards


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