DIY Mother Daughter Straw Hats

DIY Mother Daughter Straw Hats | Matching Summer hats for you and your little. Perfect for pool and beach days.

DIY Mother Daughter Straw Hats
So many of you reached out asking about our straw hats in this picture so I wanted to share this easy and adorable DIY! While packing for our annual Summer Florida trip I saw these adorable mother and daughter straw hats. Unfortunately they were on backorder, so I started doing a little digging and found a few tutorials where some had made their own straw hats like these and these. Since I needed the hats soon I decided to attempt to make them myself. All you need are a few basic things for these adorable matching hats and you’re set for the summer!

DIY Mother Daughter Straw Hats
I ordered my hat from here and Little Mirchi’s hat from here. I removed the ribbon from mine and the leather embellishment from hers to give our hats a uniform look.

What you’ll need:
Adult size straw hat
Child size straw hat
Sequins trim, color of choice
Hot glue gun

DIY Mother Daughter Straw HatsStep One
Write out your messages on both hats with chalk so you have an outline of where to glue the sequin trim.

Step Two
If you’re doing a script font, you will be using the thread in a continuous pattern, so make sure to slacken the sequins trim before you get started so you don’t have to pull on it from the spool as you go along. For my script most of it was the same continuous piece of thread.

DIY Mother Daughter Straw HatsDIY Mother Daughter Straw Hats

Step Three
Trace one letter at a time with the hot glue and overlay the sequins trim letter by letter over the hot glue. Continue with the rest of the word / phrase.

Step Four
Trim off any excess sequins and dried glue. Let dry for a few hours before use.

DIY Mother Daughter Straw HatsDIY Mother Daughter Straw Hats
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Happy crafting!

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