DIY Metallic Henna Pumpkins

Beautiful pumpkins painted and then decorated with metallic henna designs. A glamorous addition to your fall decor!

DIY Metallic Henna Pumpkins

Yesterday after planting some beautiful Mums in our front planters, Little Mirchi and I decided to decorate a pumpkin for the front door. Because Halloween is just a day after Diwali this year I wanted the pumpkin to go somewhat with our Diwali decor (rangoli, diyas and lots of metallic accents). I decided to paint our pumpkin black with chalk board paint that I already had on hand and use the metallic henna tattoos I used for my DIY Mithai Boxes. I wasn’t sure if the tattoos would stick properly due to a pumpkins uneven surface, but to my surprise they worked great!

DIY Metallic Henna Pumpkins
I shared this on Instagram stories yesterday and several of you requested details on what we did and how we did it, so here you are: DIY Metallic Henna Pumpkins that are quick, easy and beautiful!

DIY Metallic Henna Pumpkins
What you’ll need:
Pumpkin (painted or plain)
Clean sponge
Water in a bowl
Metallic henna tattoos*

*Since many of you asked where I got the henna tattoos from, these are the ones I used.

DIY Metallic Henna Pumpkins
Step One
Paint your pumpkin a matte color, black and whites look great, so would fall colors. Let completely dry.

Step Two
Cut out the tattoo design you want from the sheet (if needed) and decide where you want to apply the design on the box/tin.

DIY Metallic Henna Pumpkins

Step Three
When you have your desired position, peel the plastic cover off of the temporary tattoo.

Step Four
Place the paper on the pumpkin with the tattoo side on the pumpkin. Apply pressure evenly.

DIY Metallic Henna Pumpkins
Step Five
With a damp sponge or wash cloth dab on top of the tattoo paper, covering the entire tattoo. Be sure to completely saturate (not soak) the paper because the water is what releases the tattoo from the paper. Hold this for 30-60 seconds to ensure the whole tattoo is transferred.

Step Six
Peel the paper off to get a look at your decorated metallic henna pumpkin.

DIY Metallic Henna Pumpkins

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