Countdown to Varli Food Festival 2012!

After a one month blogging hiatus I’m back! Life has been pretty hectic and construction on the house has picked up so I haven’t had much time to blog lately, but I wanted to share some exciting news. This Thursday, April 5th I will be attending TheĀ Varli Food Festival!

Varli Food Festival, brainchild of Varli Singh [founder of Varli Magazine] is an annual food festival that showcases cuisine from some of the best Indian restaurants in the North East while also displaying cooking demonstrations from world-renowned South Asian chefs!


“The VARLI FOOD FESTIVAL is an annual food, wine and desserts tasting event that brings the finest Indian chefs from all over the world into the heart of Manhattan. This year the event will showcase the culinary creations of over 60 top-caliber restaurants and caterers, and promote awareness of Indian cuisine and culture. Guests will have the opportunity to sample various dishes from well-known local restaurants, as well as many others from as far off as UK, India, Chicago, Virginia and DC. World famous chefs will demonstrate their skills in crafting signature dishes, displaying first-hand the unique art of Indian cooking. These chefs include Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna, Suvir Saran, Jehangir Mehta, Maneet Chauhan, Hemant Mathur, Prasad Chirnomula, Hari Nayak and many others.” – Varli Food Festival Website

I look forward to sharing what’s hot in the South Asian food industry, restaurants to Visit, and my overall Varli Experience! I’ll be live tweeting the day of and you can follow me via Twitter @lovelaughmirch .

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