Masala Minute | Chef Maneet Chauhan

As promised, here is my first Masala Minute with the ever so sweet, vibrant celebrity Chef Maneet Chauhan. Stay tuned as I bring you more Masala Minute interviews from The Varli Food Festival!

Chef Maneet Chauhan

Chef Bio: 

  • Prior Executive Chef at NYC’s & Chicago’s Vermillion
  • Contestant on Food Network’s “Next Iron Chef” & “Iron Chef America”
  • Frequent judge on Food Network’s “Chopped”
What’s your favorite ingredient in the kitchen?
  • Amchur (raw mango powder), it has such a wonderful flavor and I love adding it to my dishes.
Sweet or Salty?
  • Mmm Khatta (Sour)
What are three ingredients any novice chef should have in their kitchen?
  • Passion, Salt, and Love!
What is the hardest dish you have ever cooked?
  • The dishes that got me eliminated from “Next Iron Chef”. We had to make four dishes to “show respect for American bounty.”  They had to be from four different American regions: North, South, East, and West.
Thank you Chef Chauhan for your time!

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