Celebrating Vaisakhi With Kids

From flying a kite to reading books, I’m sharing some fun ways you can celebrate celebrate and teach kids about Vaisakhi over at The South Asian Buzz.

Celebrating Vaisakhi with kids
Across Northern India and worldwide throughout the Punjabi community, people  are preparing for the spring festival of Vaisakhi (also spelled by some as  Baisakhi). India, in history has always been an agricultural country; therefore  many of the cultural and religious holidays revolve around the harvesting  seasons. Traditionally, Vaisakhi has been a “Thanksgiving” of sort for farming  families, as the first crops of the year are harvested.

Celebrating Vaisakhi with kids
On Vaisakhi, Gurdwaras are decorated and hold kirtans, Sikhs visit and bathe in lakes or rivers before visiting local Gurdwaras. The days surrounding the  celebrations community fairs and nagar kirtan processions are held, people  gather to socialize and share festive foods. To the Sikh community, Vaisakhi has  major religious importance as it marks the birth of the Khalsa. The Khalsa is the  army of all initiated Sikhs represented by the five beloved-ones.

Celebrating Vaisakhi with kids
Growing up we would visit the Gurdwara the Sunday following Vaisakhi. I always  find counting down and doing activities that revolve around a holiday/celebration  gets my little one excited for what’s to come. How do you prepare for festivals?

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