A Clean House with bObsweep

A review on the bObi Classic, the robotic vacuum by bObsweep that’s helping clean our house these days.

A Clean House With bObsweep

As a Mom and Wife there are a dozen things I’d rather do than spend my time cleaning small messes and spills. However in a house with a toddler and constant visitors, crumbs and messes are bound to happen. And while I get great gratification from organizing (I’m sure you’ve realized this while watching my Instagram stories), it’s so nice to get a break from mundane tasks like sweeping and vacuuming.

A Clean House With bObsweep
Our floors are mostly wood with the exception of a large high pile rug in the living room.
 While building our house everyone warned us about the maintenance of dark wood but we chose it regardless. I remember walking into our house for the first time after everything had been cleaned. The floors were beautiful: brand new, stunningly dark and shiny. I would soon realize that look required a ton of effort from our part! So when bObsweep offered to send me the bObi Classic, one of their robotic vacuums to try, I happily obliged. We think she’s wonderful and Little Mirchi lovingly calls her Baby bObi. All opinions are my own. Read on for a full and honest review.

A Clean House With bObsweep

What we love:
She’s lightweight, quiet and sleek looking. Her compact design and docking station aren’t an eye sore in our living room.

She’s efficient. Her cleaning patterns seem random but she gets the job done, she fits under  our sofa, accent chairs, between our breakfast bar stools and finds her way around hurdles (like my coffee table legs) if she gets stuck. Her side brushes clean my floorboards and underneath my kitchen cabinets. She effortlessly transitions between hardwood and carpet, allowing me not to worry about where she’ll go next.

A Clean House With bObsweep
bObi is more than just a vacuum, she’s a 5-in-1 cleaning: vacuuming, mopping, UV sterilization, sweeping and HEPA filtration Mom sidekick. While we primarily mop manually, it’s a great option to have. She also gives off this fresh air fragrance as she cleans, I’m guessing it’s the filtration system at work.

You can schedule her. She comes with a remote that can be used to move her manually or schedule her cleaning timings. Imagine clean floors as you sleep! It’s a beautiful thing, I know!

A Clean House With bObsweep
Some quirks about her:

When the batteries get low, she is supposed to return to her charging station all by herself. Sometimes she doesn’t make it and takes a few extra rounds around the house and we end up docking her manually.

Because she’s so good at cleaning she easily eats up small toys, ahem tiny legos. To avoid this we do a quick pick up before we let her loose. It’s also easy to remove those toys if she does manage to scoop one up. If you have a room that you don’t need cleaned at the time, just shut the door and bObi will move right past it.

A Clean House With bObsweep
Maintenance is simple, as there’s a little drawer that collects all the dirt that you just pull out and dump. Too much hair seems to halt our bObi at times. It’s recommended that bObi is cleaned once a week but with the amount of hair my little one and I seem to leave behind, we have to clean her post every cleaning session.

A Clean House With bObsweep

The first time we ran bObi we felt a huge difference. Our floors felt butter smooth and had the beautiful new house shine. Having the floors clean means keeping the rest of the house tidy is easier and more manageable. She’s been a welcome addition to our home and cleaning routine. bObi Classic is one of the many robotic vacuum cleaners from bObsweep, you can learn more about her here: bobi.bobsweep.com.

A Clean House With bObsweep

10 thoughts on “A Clean House with bObsweep

  1. I have wanted to get one few years back but didn’t. Looks like a good helper for those who don’t have maids.

  2. Awh love the pictures – they are really sweet and the product looks good too. It would be great in assisting in cleaning up the house when one gets a little busy as well.

  3. This gadget is real helpful as i got 2 at home too! especially clean those area that human difficult to clean it such as under bed

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