6 Things My Daughter Has Taught Me

“Children make you want to start life over.” -Muhammad Ali

As we we celebrate our Little Mirchi’s 2nd birthday today I can’t help but think about how amazing the past few years have been. From her first kicks inside me to her first steps and most recently her first day of play school, she’s brought joy in our lives and taught us new lessons along the way. Children seem to have a fresh look at the world, their innocence and zeal for life teaches us about them, the world and more about ourselves. Here are just 6 things my daughter has taught me since she made me a mother.

6 Things My Daughter Has Taught Me

1. Love yourself.

The way you stand in front of the mirror posing, giggling and admiring yourself in that new dress. I hope you always look at yourself with such love. You’ve made me a more confident woman and I often dare step out the house bare faced.

2. Anytime is a good time for a dance party.

Night or day, rain or shine, music or not, you are always shaking your hips reminding us to enjoy every moment. You’ve given your ‘two left feet’ Papa rhythm and your Mumma a full time dance partner.

3. Stay curious and adventurous.

Your need to discover every nook and cranny, open every cabinet drawer, peek under furniture and crawl in tight spaces, continuously reminds us of the wonder and joy of learning and discovery.

4. Pray together.

While your Papa and I prayed even before you were born, I don’t think we realized the importance of praying together until you came along. When you fold your hands together as we bow our heads in respect at the mandir, trying to sing along to bhajans (religious hymns) and mimic us while in meditation – you reaffirm our faith.

5. Smiles are contagious.

The way you greet others with your ear to ear smile, waving with your chirpy “hiii, hii” makes it hard for anyone to pass you by without a smile and hello. Your smile remedies the toughest of days. I hope you always spread your sunshine.

6. The heart has no limits.

The day you were born, my heart burst with love, you filled a hole I never knew was there. I didn’t think it was possible to love you anymore, but I was wrong. I love you more and more as each day passes. I’ll always love you a little less then tomorrow and a little more then yesterday.

Happy 2nd Birthday my Little Mirchi! Thank you for showing us the world through your eyes. We love you xo

Little Mirchi Turns 2

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