3 Things Thursday {Week 67}

It’s Friday night and I’m posting for Thursday… yup such is life lately. If you are new to 3 Things Thursday and would like to learn more check out my initial post about it. For directions on how to link up, follow the post! Have a great weekend!

[o n e]

Shark Week

Hands down shark week is The Husband’s (and now my) favorite time to watch TV. I’m pretty sure most of our DVR is full of recorded documentaries so let’s just say it’s Shark Month. If it’s on while Little Mirchi is up, The Husband keeps saying look baby look at the fishy… BIGGGG fishy. Basically my child will have no fear of sharks. Awesome.


[t w o]

Blog Maintance 

Ok so it’s been a big slow on the blog because I’m doing a major clean up. And by clean up I mean painstakingly manually adding pictures back to old posts that somehow got deleted. By somehow I mean when I went to the self hosted WordPress something went kaput and deleted a bunch of my old pictures… so there you have it. No fun.

[t h r e e]


GUYS!! Correction GIRLSS! You know all those things you think as a desk girl but sometimes just keep it upstairs. Enter Instagram account @hatecopy… she’s in brown girls heads I tell you. All the things you were thinking… and probably doing, drawn out. Follow her, trust me.


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