3 Things Thursday {Week 64}

TGI-almost FRIDAY! YAY! Can you tell I’m ready for the weekend? This week has been exhausting and I need a break. Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week and an even better weekend! If you are new to 3 Things Thursday and would like to learn more check out my initial post about it. For directions on how to link up, follow the post!

[o n e]

Almost there.

This weekend we planted a tree in front of the house. While that may not seem like a big deal to most people – to us it was major. It means we are there, at the finish line. Only a few things left to do before we are DONE! Here’s a little peek of what the front looks like now (we got our iron railing this week as well!) For those of you that have followed along the process (1,2) you know it’s been a long time coming.

Building a house

[t w o]

Little Mirchi is growing up too fast… isn’t that the complaint of every mother?! But seriously, everyday she wakes up and looks bigger… makes me want to pause time.

Little MIrchi

[t h r e e]

As I’ve mentioned before, gel nails just don’t seem to work on me. For some reason they always end up peeling/lifting off my nails way earlier than expected. Am I a glutton for punishment? Here goes one last try. Summer nails – gel polish.

gel polish

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  1. That’s a great initiative! Another bloggy friend, Lizzi, started Ten Things Thankful that she hosts every Friday, and I just started participating in that at it’s 100th week!!

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