3 Things Thursday {Week 62}

I know I say this often but seriously how fast is this year going?! It’s already June… whhhhaaat?! Just a little this and that on this week’s 3 Things Thursday. If you are new to 3 Things Thursday and would like to learn more check out my initial post about it. For directions on how to link up, follow the post!

[o n e]

Pretty (and delicious) breakfast bowls

I feel like weekdays get so busy in-between Little Mirchi’s morning routine and me running back and forth to the new house that my first meal of the day ends up being closer to lunch time. By that time I’m so hungry I start snacking on not so great food choices. So, in an attempt to eat a more nutritious breakfast I started making a big batch of steel cut oats to last a few days & top it with whatever sounds good that day. This oats bowl consists of bananas, raspberries, blackberries, coconut, crushed roasted almonds & a squeeze of orange blossom honey… AHHMAZING!

Breakfast bowls

[t w o]

Little Mirchi has become a bigger fangirl of Target than her Mom. It’s also the only store I can get her to sit in the cart the entire time (Thank You Starbucks chocolate milk!) It’s no secret that in my early days of motherhood I used to consider visiting Target a break (I know you new mammas will understand how I feel!) Target Visits

[t h r e e]

Junk mail dilemma. So every week I feel like I am shuffling through PILES of mail. Collecting it from side tables and our dining table (and sometimes under the couch if Little Mirchi has gotten her hands on it). What do you guys do to keep your house free of junk mail and unnecessary paperwork?

Junk Mail

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  1. Target is my favorite store as well! I did a post on Earth Day and talked about an app called “Paper Karma”. It helps automatically canceling any junk mail you get. Check it out… and hope it helps you! 🙂

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