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Holi Recipe Round UpHappy Thursday! This week I wanted to share some of my top Holi recipes from the archives. Holi is a two day spring harvest festival celebrated all throughout India. It is also known as “The Festival of Colors”. Bonfires are lit the on the eve of the festival. The second day the celebration continues by people throwing colored powder and colored water at each other. It is a joyous and festive occasion which welcomes spring and brightness in every one’s lives. (Think color run times ten!) Huge parties are held and parks are filled with people of all ages celebrating the festival of colors. Here are some ideas to make your holiday more festive!


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DIY Homemade Edible Paint

If you’re worried about toxins, unknown ingredients or/and your little one putting powdered paint or colors in their mouth this easy 4 ingredient at home paint recipe is for you!

DIY Homemade Edible Paint

[t w o]


Thandai, literally translates to ‘something that cools’.  It’s a sweet, creamy milk drink flavored with nuts and spices and is a popular drink of choice during Holi.

Thandai Recipe

[t h r e e]

His & Her Lassi [Cumin Mint Lassi & Cardamom Rose Lassi]

Lassi is a drink prepared by blending yogurt with water and adding salt, sugar, or spices to taste. It’s known as a “cooler” and served during Holi as a refresher after being outside all day.

His & Her Lassi [Cumin Mint Lassi & Cardamom Rose Lassi]

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