3 Things Thursday {Week 48}

3thingsfinal-1It’s Thursday! This week seemed to fly by for me!

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Cast Iron

Sooo I FINALLY took the leap and invested in cast iron pans! I was nervous about the weight and maintenance but I seasoned them yesterday and made my first dish in them today… it’s a bit if a learning curve but the final results are completely worth it! I plan on doing a separate post soon sharing some of the things I liked best and what I had trouble with.

Cooking in Cast Iron

[t w o]

Food Huggers

Um has anyone used these?! I came across these Food Huggers yesterday while reading an article on kitchen hacks. These are genius and I need them in my life!

Food Huggers

[t h r e e]

Freshly Picked

Yesterday we got a special delivery in the mail – these adorable mocasains by Freshly Picked. Stay tuned to the blog for a review and an exclusive giveaway for my readers!

Freshly Picked

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3 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday {Week 48}

  1. I just read a post on kitchen swaps and one of the recommendations was cast iron pans over teflon. Let us know how it goes! And the food huggers are adorable – plus would save a lot of plastic wrap. I can’t imagine how many I’d have to buy though!

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