3 Things Thursday {Week 47}

3thingsfinal-1Happy Thursday All!

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Monday I celebrated my 30th birthday. I had told my husband months ago that I wanted to cut my cake in the new house even if it wasn’t done – because that’s where I know I’ll spend most of my 30’s. Closer to the date he asked me again if I was sure I still wanted to cut it in a construction zone, of course I said yes. Not only did we cut my cake in the new house he had it cleaned up and planned a surprise with some of our friends to hide so we could toast with champagne and cake. It’s the small things that make life so special 🙂


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Frozen Tundra

Ok so anyone ready for summer besides me? The last few weeks have been so unbearably cold! I’m ready for warm days, sun in my face and not having to spend 20 minutes bundling up Little Mirchi when we go out.

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This Video

Yesterday I kept trying to clean our living room and Little Mirchi kept dumping her toys back on the ground. By my third attempt I gave up giving my husband an exhausted sigh.

When I saw this video on Facebook this morning I was so glad that I wasn’t the only one who goes through this… this is real life people – mom life.

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