3 Things Thursday {Week 44}

3thingsfinal-1Thursday… somehow the days have started to run into each other since Little Mirchi was sick last week… can you believe it’s almost February?! 2015 JUST started… that was fast.

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The gift that keeps giving

If you’re a parent you know once your kid gets sick the cold/flu is there to stay for a weeks, because you know, it’s got to make it’s rounds to every. single. person. Now that Little Mirchi is feeling better I’m sick… and the best part is now the husband is complaining over a sore throat.

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Swap this, swap that

I was baking something the other day and realized I was short on eggs. While searching for solutions I stumbled upon this info graph with egg substitutes in baking. Pretty useful!


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Bollywood Marathon

Since last week we slept primarily on the couch (because Little Mirchi insisted on sleeping upright while being held) we spent the entire weekend watching Bollywood movies and streaming Bollywood songs. Best way to spend sick snowed in days!

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