3 Things Thursday {Week 32}


Hi guys! Hope you all have had a great week and are ready for the weekend. My week started out by being reunited with my friend Shweta who I haven’t seen in over two years! I was so happy to have her visit and meet Little Mirchi for the first time. Later this week my mom flew in so I’m getting some much needed dosage of home…. all in all a happy, love filled week!

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India Home Sick

Recently I’ve been bugging the Hubs about our next trip to India. When will we go, what foods I want, my pending shopping list, etc. And then I read this article which pretty much gave me 22 more reasons to bug him about!

[t w o]

Toddler Scarves

I want, I need… I mean Little Mirchi needs this addition to her winter wardrobe. Been lusting over these adorable tot scarves that have been making their way around internet. How cute are the little bows?!



Mug Cake


Stumbled upon this little gem recently. Who doesn’t need a quick mug cake recipe on a chilly Autumn night?

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