3 Things Thursday {Week 22}

3thingsfinal-1 Happy Thursday All! Last week I took a break as I was flying back from Florida and after airport delays and our flight I was too exhausted to post. Somebody please tell these airline people that ground delays are the worst for parents traveling with young kids. Trust me it’s no fun having your cranky toddler “sweep” the entire airport floor while rolling around out of boredom.

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[o n e]

This video

Good job Pampers! This ad was pure emotion.

[t w o]

Not Ready. There I said it. I’m not ready for fall. While everyone’s eagerly awaiting their pumpkin lattes and layering jackets I’m holding on to warm Summer days with a tight grip!


This song:

Ganesh Chaturthi is tomorrow and I absolutely love this song. It gets me so excited for the festival!

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