3 Things Thursday {Week 18}


Happy Thursday All! Some recent happenings in this weeks 3 Things Thursday.

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Long nights

This week has been super exhausting! Little Mirchi has been sick with a throat infection & fever. Usually peppy and happy our darling just wanted to cling to us every waking moment while shrieking with discomfort. As a parent you feel so helpless when your child is sick and will do anything to cheer them up.

[t w o]

Chill Out

With sleepless nights and a sick tot I’ve been feeling extra exhausted this week. Yesterday after washing my hair I added a few drops of one of my favorite oils: Himani Navratna Oil to my scalp and I was instantly refreshed! I love this oil, especially in the Summers. The mint and hibiscus feels so fresh and calming. Do you have a special beauty regimen when you’re stressed?

photo 1

[t h r e e]

Milk Sugar Love

Milk Sugar Love is a local ice cream parlor that I fell in love with a few months back when I tried their signature Malt flavor at a local street fair. This sweet little shop uses organic creams and milks to produce their unique flavors such as: malt (my favorite… tastes like Malteasers candy!) sour cream blueberry, caramel corn and salted caramel. If you’re ever in the Jersey City area you must check them out!

photo 2
Caramel Corn deliciousness

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5 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday {Week 18}

  1. Nisha, I can’t believe I’ve never tried that oil! I have to pick some up. Also hang in their mama, sick kids are the worst!

  2. I must have some malt ice cream – sounds delicious! hope little mirchi feels better soon, it really is so hard on both the child and the parent when they’re ill

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