Happy 2015! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with loved ones and are enjoying the weekend. This being my first post for the year I thought I’d share some things I’d like to do better this year. I’m going into this year knowing it will be good – don’t ask me why or how I know, I just know. 2015, prove me right. fivethings 1. Follow Through There are so many times where I have an idea and I get super excited about what it could become and gush all my thoughts and ideas to the husband. I start the thought process, see the dream, but somewhere it starts to fizzle away and I put it on the back burner. My husband, the dreamer usually checks up on me and why I never followed up with the idea – which is usually followed up with an excuse of why I didn’t think it would work. This year, I want to believe in myself more and follow the idea/dream of mine through. Whether it’s a blog post, a craft for my daughter or a business brainstorm – I want to follow it through 100%

2. Me time Plain and simple, I need more me time. Whether it’s a trip to nail spa, an afternoon spent in a cafe, or an evening with just me and a canvas – it’s important to me that I make time for myself. I am positive this will help me recharge to be a better mother, better wife and better self.

3. De-clutter Over the years I’ve come to realize both my husband and I are hoarders. Ok maybe that’s a bit extreme but we definitely hold on to wayyyy too much useless ‘stuff’. Sometimes it’s papers, other times it’s wood samples (no joke we had a stack sitting in our living room for months while deciding what to lay in the new house). All that combined with toys, old baby clothes and 101 random kids things makes for a crazy cluttered combination. Happy to report I’ve already started de-cluttering this week and made donation bags filled with clothes and toys.

4. Be patient I think this somewhere is related to #2. Lately I’ve found myself loosing my patience over small things. I’ve caught myself when I’ve lost it with my daughter and had to walk away. I know that she will mimic everything she sees and because of that I hope to teach her patience via my actions.

5. Worry less I’m pretty sure I’ve always been a bit of a worry wort but ever since I became a mom it’s gotten crazy. I worry about everything, anything, silly things really. When she’s awake I worry if she’s sleeping enough, eating enough, learning enough and when she’s asleep – instead of giving myself a break I’m on my iPhone researching more of my worries. I need to chill. There I said it. Mumma needs to calm it and not worry so much. What are some things you would like to do better this year?

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