2013, was a monumental year. I was blessed with the gift of motherhood, a life changing moment that I will always cherish and reflect upon. Each moment from then on out has been filled with treasured memories and exciting milestones. I counted down to the New Year with some of my favorite moments of 2013:

Halloween: Calling her Little Mirchi (little chili pepper) is one thing, but seeing her dressed as one was ADORABLE. I secretly wish the costume still fit her.


Buzz Feed: Having my Kashmiri Rajma recipe featured as one of the “26 Traditional Indian Foods That Will Change Your Life Forever“.


Home: Being able to spend an extended amount of time in Florida with my parents made my maternity leave even sweeter.

Diwali ambassador for Verizon: I was thrilled to be a Diwali Ambassador for Verizon and to spread knowledge about my favorite holiday! It was a great opportunity to showcase and share our festive family traditions.

Cake Boss: I learned how to decorate a cake with fondant by the boss himself, the cake boss!


Solids: Starting Little Mirchi on solids and preparing her homemade baby food melts my heart. We’re still working on favorites and figuring out meal times but the joy I get when she relishes a new food is indescribable.


Food Editor: I recently became the Food Editor at MasalaMommas magazine, a role I can not wait to grow in. The magazine has become close to my heart over the past few years as I’ve forged life long friendships with some of my co writers.

MOTHERHOOD: By far my forever favorite moment. When I was blessed with the honor of becoming a mother and they placed Little Mirchi in my arms… my life changed.


Thank you for taking out time and following this journey of mine. I look forward to what 2014 has to bring! Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy New Year, full of love, laughs, and a little bit of mirch!


9 thoughts on “2013

  1. You are such an amazing mom Nisha! I know she’s your little mirchi, but please give some love to my little ladoo from me (those cheeks = Massi’s little ladoo!)

  2. A great addition to our family, she is adorable just like her mum. We are so proud of you as she will be as she grows older, amazing to see you both growing along the journey of life…..
    Keep writing and enjoying motherhood and life.

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